Based out of Portland, Big Mouth Society is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to the presentation, preservation, and education of historically-informed, socially-relevant, and community-minded musical and performance arts in Portland, Oregon.

Founded by a passionate team of professional artists, art enthusiasts, and community leaders, Big Mouth Society is the organic, logical, and emotional product of many cumulative years of trials and errors in arts presentation, community building, political advocacy, and asking questions.

We produce artistic works that no one else would. We treat one another with love and respect. We share joy and solidarity through musical and community events. We shy away from governmental grants and wealthy donors.

Whether you are a music lover as an audience member, a beginning amateur, a serious hobbyist, or a professional musician, we would love to meet you.

Come to one of our events soon, or write us an intro email at




@ $15-$50 

You believe in Big Mouth's mission and would like to contribute monthly to produce, sustain, and curate our ongoing programs for the community.

You will receive regular communications regarding concerts, salons, parties, and many other community events.

You want to give and share more beauty in the world and find like-minded people in the process.


@ $65/MONTH

You believe in Big Mouth's mission and want to be a part of our community.

You participate regularly in one or more studio ensemble(s), contribute your time and energy, and help produce wonderful events and performances. In the process, you will be plugged into a community of wonderful people and be able to learn from our outstanding teaching artists and also one another. 

You are the producer of new works and a sustaining force of the Big Mouth community. 


  • All members of Big Mouth are servants to our larger goal of bringing community together through curated artistic experiences.

  • We want to create a diverse, inclusive and tight-knit community where people can meet and foster lifelong friendships.

  • We challenge the conventional model. We pay artists FIRST, we make art FIRST, we build community FIRST. We do not have a paid staff.

  • We rely on the collective power of big-hearted people in our community, not government grants, corporate money, or large private donations. Member support frees us to present fresh, adventurous programming that invigorates our community.

  • We want Portland to be a home (and destination!) for sustainable, world class art, and we put our money where our Big Mouth is by paying artists a reliable, living wage that will allow them to keep creating new works.

  • We are dedicated to the empowerment of artists at all levels of development.

  • We are dedicated to sharing art with those who usually lack access. We are also committed to giving voice, with our big mouths, to those in need.