We welcome your support through donations, community memberships, studio memberships and ticket purchases.

Big Mouth Society is committed to producing groundbreaking and unique artistic works. We value inclusion and participation: our community performs and produces all of our events, and we typically offer pay-as-you-can ticket prices so that price is no object for our audience members. We generally avoid government grants and wealthy donors to fund our efforts.


Big Mouth Society is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All donations are tax deductible.

Our community’s generous support allows us to expand capacity and take more risks in our programming and community building.

Community Memberships

Community members believe in Big Mouth Society's mission and contribute monthly to produce, sustain, and curate our ongoing programs for the community.

Community members typically contribute $15-$50 per month, which includes regular communications regarding salons, mainstage concerts, and other Big Mouth Society events.

Studio Memberships

Studio members participate regularly in one or more studio ensembles, and actively contribute to producing groundbreaking events and performances.

Studio members typically contribute $65 per month, which includes weekly ensemble rehearsals with our outstanding teaching artists, regular performances during the season, and support from our community of music enthusiasts.

More information about our studio ensembles can be found here.