Live Recording: Cold Songs / Warm Songs

Live Recording: Cold Songs / Warm Songs


A live recording of this Curious Voices concert, performed on November 11, 2017, delivered to your doorstep as a physical CD.


“some winters / will never melt /

some summers / will never freeze

and some things will only / ... live in poems.”

 Sanober Khan, Turquoise Silence


Ease your mind with Winter music from all around the world, and come into a place of repose in this cold and rainy Portland weather. Gorgeous voices from The Curious Voices, expressive instrumentalists from Beauteous Excavation Ensemble and Baroque Orchestra, and other outstanding guests will take your mind and body through an aural and sensual journey.

Lullabies from eastern and western European traditions; meditation for peace and unity in Hindu and Middle-Eastern Traditions; nativity story and lamentation in early and contemporary European traditions; songs of humor and intrigue.

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